Old and antique oriental carpets, rugs from Iran, Turkey, Afghanistan, India, China and Pakistan.
If a rug is older than 50 years it is identified as ancient. But antique carpets have to be at least be 100 years. They stand for textile cultural assets from long ago. Ancient and antique rugs come from all traditional rug-countries:
Persia, Turkey, Afghanistan, China. But we even sell rare rugs from Caucasus and Turkmenistan as well as reimported rugs from the US. Our antique and ancient ware is generally produced in the 19th or early 20th century.

Orientteppiche Wahdat. AWT Trading GmbH. Sandtorkai 25-26. 20457 Hamburg Hafencity.
Cashmere Silk, Afghanistan, Iran, India, Pakistan, China, Modernn, classic, rugs ,pure silk, Ziegler, Nain, Täbriz, Bidjar, Belutsch, Persian patern, Hereke, Gabbeh, Nepal.

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