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  A small rug dictionary - Wahdat Oriental carpets
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Iran - Persia
Central Asia
Afghanistan Teppich Afghan carpets, among others:
Afghan | Buchara | Gabbeh | Lori Baft | Moltai | Turkmen | Ziegler |

Despite the through centuries of old tradition, todays Afghan rugs are manifold than ever. There are traditional Mauri, Ghondoz, Belutsch and since a couple of years again Ziegler, Chobbi, Kasak as well as modern and designer rugs. Typical attributes until now are its robustness and its dark colours (red and brownish-red). Material is sheep- or goat-wool. Its designs are regional stammed: Octagons, rhombs, elephants or flowers. All though no longer so common, Afghan carpets are still being produced locally.

China Teppich Chinese carpets, among others:
Buchara | Ghom silk | Ghom wool | Hereke silk | Isfahan | Kashan | Kirman | Peking | Tabriz |

A rug from China transports the mystic flair of East Asia to your home. You can have them out of pure, brilliant silk or pure new wool. Concerning to their soft materials, Chinese rugs are optimal for living- or bedrooms. In its calmness and simplicity you can combine a Chinese carpet with modern as well classical interior. Typical designs are flowers, animals and dragons as well as religious symbols and buddhist characters. Chinese rugs are often pale and restrained coloured, often in king-yellow, green-, blue-, golden- or silver-tones.

Iran Persien Teppich Iran carpets, Persian carpets, among others:
Afshar | Bachtiar | Belutsch | Bidjar | Gabbeh | Gashghai | Ghom | Heriz | Isfahan | Kashan | Malayer | Moud | Nahawand | Nain | Patchwork | Persian | Sarough | Senneh | Shiraz | Tabriz | Yalameh |

Until 1925, Iran was called Persia. It is the rug-country par excellence. The hearts of fabrication are in Ghom, Isfahan, Keschan, Nain and Saruk. Designs and methods of knot are similar to and influenced by bordering countries as Turkey, Afghanistan and Caucasus. Rugs from Persia are breathtakingly manifold. Designs are geometrical or imaginative floral, material can be kingly silk or high-quality wool or goat hair. We offer you a great selection of all kinds of Persian rugs.

Indien Teppich Indian carpets, among others:
Agra | Bachtiar | Bidjar | Gabbeh | Ghom silk | Ghom Wool | Herati | Hereke silk | Isfahan | Kashan | Cashmere silk | Kirman | Lori Baft | Mir | Sarough | Tabriz | Ziegler |

India is one of the biggest rug-exporter in the world. The first rugs from India were probably produced in the 15th century, influenced by Persia and the Mogul-Dynasty. Indian rugs are characterized by high-quality material and handicraft. The simple motives and the warm, sunny colours make your home become friendly and cozily. We offer you Indian rugs in different sizes and forms from high-quality materials (silk and wool).

Nepal Teppich Nepalese carpets, among others:
Nepal | Tibet |

Originally, Nepalese rugs arised in the mountains of Nepal and Tibet. The velvety pile and the sparingly markings of these rugs give your home a cosy and light-friendly atmosphere. Colours are friendly pastel-tones. Classical Nepal rugs have a light pattern border and a spare or very sparingly marked center. We offer you traditional but most of all modern Nepal rugs, which are generally produced in India. The quality of material and manufacture can easily be measured with the originals.

Pakistan Teppich Pakistani carpets, among others:
Buchara | Gabbeh | Ghom | Heriz | Kashan | Kazak | Kirman | Lori Baft | Sarough | Turkmen | Tabriz | Ziegler |

In recenct years, Pakistan expanded it’s production of oriental rugs enourmously. However, it has no own tradition concerning colours, designs, types or shape. Instead Pakistani rugs are produced according to the type of the classical rug-areas: Turkmenia, Caucasia or Persia. They are then called Paki-Kasak, Paki-Schirwan, Paki-Isfahan or Paki-Sarough. These pieces are dense knotted and have brillant wool. They are at medium price level.

Tuerkei Teppich Turkish carpets, among others:
Hereke | Kaiseri |

Turkish rugs belong to the oldest and most beautiful rugs of the world. Most Turkish rugs you can buy today are Kelims: Smaller, flat woven rugs with only little pile, often bridges or runners. Unlike the Persian rug, the Turkish is double-knotted. This explains its flat pile. The material is natural pure silk or wool, so they are valuable as well as robust. The designs are manifold with rather rural or floral motives as well as geometric.

Zentralasien Teppich Carpets from Central Asia, among others:
Buchara Tekke | Kazak Shirvan | Turkmen |

The rugs from Central Asia were originally produced by tribes and Nomads. The regions are: Usbekistan, Tadjikistan, Turkmenistan, northern part of Afghanistan und south Iran. The carpets are very tough and last for a many years. Well known carpets are Tekke, Salor, Jomut, Ersari und Buchara. Famous Afghan rugs are Saruku, Khal Mohammadi und Golden Afghan.

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